Bad Hair Day?!

You have a bunch date with some of your girl friends, you sat the night before and prepped your hair for a Bomb-Ass Twistout. You woke up, had breakfast, showered and did your make up. You get your oil, rub some on your fingertips and started taking down those twist, one by one, carefully. You can see your hair evolving, and not in the direction you had hoped. That bomb hair-do that you hoped for turned out to be a flop.

It could have been the new product you tried, or maybe you didn't use enough product or maybe it didn't dry enough. All natural hair curly and kinky girls know that sometimes your hair just has a mind of it's own and trust me when I say, it really doesn't care about what plans you have. 

Ok, think think, you need a Plan B......In this moment you could grab some hair pins and hair clips and try to save the hairstyle, but when you look in the cupboard you suddenly realize you've got three or maybe four hair pins, because as we all know, for some reason, no matter how many you buy, they alwayssss go missing. Now you definitely need a Plan C, what to do??

Ooooo a headwrap would solve this problem and a few weeks ago you purchased an easy to use one from Cupid DesignsTT. That so called twist out goes quickly up in a pineapple, and in two minutes you tie and tuck your Turban, you pop on some earrings, look in the mirror...Voila!