About Us


Cupid DesignsTT is a Trinidad (Caribbean) based fashion brand. Cupid DesignTT launched its first collection of Satin Lined Turbans as they saw the rising need for Hair Accessories that allowed women to be fashionable while still protecting their hair. This collection was born out of the love for Head wraps and the recognition of a need to make the use of them easier.

Cupid DesignTT Turbans are available in beautiful Ankara Prints, breath taking Floral Designs, vibrant bold colours and classy neutral tones to match with a variety of outfits. Our Hair Accessory is meant to make women feel empowered and to accentuate the fashion choice of each woman who wears them.

Tiffini Cupid is the head designer and founder of Cupid DesignsTT. With access to a myriad of information online, she is a self-taught fashion designer as she truly believes where there is a will to learn, there is always a way.