Keep Your Hair Protected!

Cupid DesignsTT wants hair to be well protected while our product is worn. Each and every turban is lined with Beautiful Matching Satin Fabric. Satin Fabric Provides many benefits for Hair Protection.

What is Satin Fabric? 

Satin is actually a weave and not a natural fiber. The Fiber is the actual thread from which the material is made and weave is how you make it. Satin is made using combinations of other fabrics like nylon, rayon, polyester, and even silk. Traditionally, satin has both a glossy side and a dull side. 

 What's the Benefits of Satin as a Lining?

 Satin support healthy hair as it provides a smooth surface for hair to rub against. This means no tugging of hair follicles. It also does not absorb the moisture from your hair like other fabrics. Rest assure that your hair will remain well protected under your Turban.